E-P Approach

from the 'not a counselor' ~

We use Existential Phenomenology as it relates to individual and/or group dynamic, development or transition.  We consult with a client, presenting perspectives and possibilities.  We do not offer mental health treatment, counseling or diagnosis. We are existential phenomenologists.  In the dialog we may, and do, refer to resources specific to the professional needs articulated by the client.  Phenomenology is the study of structures of consciousness as experienced from the first-person point of view.
Instead of prescribing a course of treatment or action you will be engaged in a conversation where your views are actively sought and where the consultant will be seeking to explore with you, reflecting you, rather than being silently 'there' for you.   Fundamentally, this is not talk or talking therapy but relationship with safe boundaries and boundless possibilities.
To see some particulars, please use the other tabs to your left, Including services. Either signify verbally or by email  that you have discussed and understood the Disclosures that have been described by the Consultant and that you would prefer that no record of meetings and/or plan will be kept by your Consultant.  Any recordings or other materials that might be part of our meetings are your property and will be kept by you. The regular exceptions to this rule are date of service, check number/cash and your first name with the initial of the last name, which are retained for accountability issues.  Statements are available upon request.
(There are also legal mandates to warn, as well as report of any exploitation or abuse of a child)

If this meets your interests then return to begin for information on how to start.  Or for you may want to contact, please go to that page.  At no stage do we want you to feel uniformed by us.
Finally - Any and all questions are taken seriously.  If one of us does not know the answer, or does not want to answer, you will be given the validation of a genuine reply.  You are also free to take a hiatus, discontinue consultations, or ask for clarification at any time during our relationship. But for now, if you feel this is an valid avenue for you, please do not hesitate to begin the conversation.

Your world as YOU might want to explore it   -  Phenomenologically and Existentially

How may the philosophical orientation effect you as a client?

A) Record-keeping: In the interests of privacy this consultant/client does not wish to take or keep notes on clients. This includes testing materials and any taped sessions. The philosophy of this group, Existential Phenomenology, supposes that all of these remain the property of the client. The exception to this is where the individual is either Court mandated or where there are legal issues, including the exploitation of minors.  Even then the client will be informed but not shielded from the consequences of illegal or abusive actions.
A Release of Information will always be sought if any third party wishes access to any information that the consultant might have. This document is not a Release of Information. Be mindful that this consultancy is not an advice-giving or counseling group. 

We operate in the way that countless other communities discuss:
one who speaks with another, "brother/sister" in taking up another's case; one who comes to introduce ideas, also overture
look around  
one who holds up a light to let one see anything                   Chichewa

(B) Disclosure materials: Your email signature/or verbal and/or fee agreement during the initial conversation signifies the contents of this page have been accepted,  understood and indicates that we have discussed the issue of fees, and service. 
Also that you understand that we are not counselors and do not perform any services that fall under that definition.  We have business licenses and liability insurance but we are not registered/licensed/certified or involved in any way with the Department of Health.  You may also wish to have hard copy of any/all this information.
People coming to us not only should expect confidentiality and respect - but there is an expectation of privacy.  They should be free to discuss any issue with the certain knowledge that nothing will be revealed without their understanding.  Client/s can talk with whomever and whenever they please.  Many do share the contents of the conversations to others who may well be using the same service/  However we chose not to discuss client/s meetings and conversations - even with each other.
Clients are not confined to talking about problems - any issue is appropriate as long as it is respectful and meaningful.  .We answer all questions - no questions is seen as inappropriate.  If we do not know or cannot answer we will indicate the 'why and what' of the issues involved.

               One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.
                       Be with the Other.  Being there is not always enough.
             See through the eyes of the Other and come upon oneself as Stranger.  

If you choose to move forward, please indicate by letting your consultant know verbally, or if you prefer, email to  that you have read and understood the Disclosures and information that has been presented to you either in conversation or within this document, and that you would prefer that no record of sessions and/or action plan will be kept by the consultant.


The following is a description of existentialism not written anywhere else.  It describes the importance of OUR dialog and the significance of being able to rely on confidentiality, authenticity and full disclosure.  If this seems too rambling - then blame the writer and move on to the section on services or another area altogether.

So....... Message or Messenger?
When people write, or we talk to one another, that is an interaction which continues beyond the immediate, and the autistic. It ripples out in terms of time - other interactions - and philosophy. Creating that sense of vulnerability moves any interaction into the realm where it MEANS something - - and that meaning is NOT dependent on me as a single individual. If the message is valid then it rises in importance beyond me.... and that if there is no response - that is not just neglect, but the choice to not respond MEANS something too!  
A choice to not choose is still a choice and has repercussions and ramifications that we as individuals are responsible for.   A   "no-choice” implies tacit agreement, especially if we claim “... only following orders"
It has always comforted me to know that I, as messenger, am not that important - but that the message (however lowly and mundane) is very important. YOU are very important because you are calling me out to be both genuine and valid.  What I truly want is your well being, to do the best for you, and thus I am  rarely selfish as I keep reaching for that which is just a little beyond me. To not speak authentically with you is a deliberate act of ignorance - which is the intentionality of bad faith.

If I speak, although I am responsible for that message and its reply, I am speaking to something that transcends me and thus it behooves me to take care. Not be defensive, but to take care. Again to be cautious in my vulnerability but, because I am aware of my words, I am not exposed. I have the obligation not to expose you but to seek, in our conversation, to discover. So - with your business. Your 'message' is your unique choice of items, or actions which are of great, intrinsic, beauty, and your willingness to put them out to the other (the purchaser or recipient) for them to enjoy and appreciate. The recipient, even if he or she is a supervisor or corporation, will and cannot do that with as much expertise and interest as you. If you do not do this then the 'message' is not there and it can never be heard.

As messenger it is easier to keep true to the message. If I discard it, neglect it, fight against it or even encourage others to do that - then I will find my life unrewarding and dissatisfying.  I will always feel resentful that I do not ' have ' what I perceive others to enjoy. In the Grand Scheme of Things, you, and me, are not important or significant. What we say is - so long as we say it in truth and validity. That means that you can start your business, go to work, knowing that what you are saying/doing is more important than the lack of confidence you (or I) may feel.         

If not you (telling the message) then who else? I can't do it; the Asian Art Gallery near to Pioneer Square isn't doing it..... The guy in the cubicle next door is not - - so who else? What you have to give is unique. .............. And important. It is also PRIVATE to you and the people you choose to share with.  It is not to be a source of gossip and report to another unknown third party!  You may – if you want – freely disclose about us/me/our conversation.

Think of two people talked about in the past ... for both of them the message is irrelevant. They both want to be seen as messengers clothed in ruby red and gold with a big brass horn to trumpet with. But when they unfurl the parchment and squint at it - it says nothing. And they have to go away until the next time they want to dress up and shout. Hence why the guy in the next cubicle HAS to make jibbing, jokes at you. To sneer at someone else “only in fun, of course ", is the only way a messenger can feel important - by digging at someone else to diminish them.
How sad!

My message is the philosophy that impassions me. I HAVE to deliver the message because it is such fun, so good, so intrinsically important - and that is true even if I am sat at a computer screen writing Instant Messages. The message is the same, whether I talk about the struggle against cell phone hacking, or I laugh at BBC America, or I relay my pleasure listening to music. That is what makes us human and what is really important. That we communicate to communicate - not to increase our (illusionary) self importance as messenger. Thus  the message is 'sacred' and not an item of gossip and unfair speculation.
By delivering the message I can feel more useful and I do not have to handle what others feel, that I don't feel, about me So the message makes me significant but not important.  I tend to be a little wordy ....
But, The message is more important than the messenger. And our recognition of the message makes us aware of our imperative to deliver it.

Your message is to have fun and give people a way of appreciating fine and unusual items, or words, or tasks ( for which they give you money). Mine is to observe, accept and opine on the world and all its inhabitants - and have fun doing it. I reflect "looking through the eyes of the Other, and thus (I hope( to come upon myself as Stranger",
So you have no choice but choice, my fellow explorer, only you can do it -
Start Now!!! 
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