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“Most of life is hell. It’s filed with failure and loss. People disappoint you. Dreams don’t work out. Hearts get broken. Innocent journalists die. And the best moments of life, when everything comes together, are few and fleeting. But you’ll never get to the next great moment if you don’t keep going. So that’s what I do. I keep going.”
Sigourney Weaver as Elaine Barrish, 

And a glimpse into someone's fictional existence. Perhaps this is a picture of what happens if one does not explore!

'Breaking the mirror .......'

Information on fees and conditions.

Contact Information:

Office visits take place in either Renton or Capital Hill, Seattle.  One consultant works with Skype, or Facebook/G+Hangout video call, as well as telephone.

business office  206.323.8784      
David Rees       206.323.8784

Ann Rees:        206.919.7684  please wait for 30seconds for voice mail to pick up.
                       253.237.4624  TEXT

Seattle, WA 98122 ~ Renton

e mail      main:   David

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401 Olympia Ave NE Renton, WA 98056 Office above Vince's Coffee shop!

We have always been mindful of the client's right to privacy and a fundamental tenet is that the client has the right to as much confidentiality as possible.
To this end basic operating ethics confirm that we do not keep notes or records other than the client's name, phone number and dates of financial transactions.

This information is available to the individual concerned but not to any third party unless authorized by the client or as mandated by the State of Washington or legal requirement.  All information, materials, is considered the property of the client.

Facebook can beckon or your curiosity may be rewarded on the blog.  But it is nothing to do with the modern understanding of the word therapy - how do we know? Actualitycat says so!

When we were younger there was a much broader definition of therapy.  Now we are older and so the word has a much more restrictive meaning.  Although the word is no longer used by us to describe a healthy supportive relationship we can perhaps fondly remember when those existed.

ther·a·py  (thr-p)n. pl. ther·a·pies

Treatment of illness or disability.
2. Healing power or quality: the therapy of fresh air and sun.

therapeutic adj.

1. relating to healing: diagnostic and therapeutic facilities
2. administered or applied for reasons of health: a therapeutic shampoo
3. having a good effect on the body or mind; contributing to a sense of well-being: a therapeutic silence

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