E-P Approach

Explore your world.  Office visits take place either on Capital Hill, Seattle or at  RENTON:  # 237 Creative Workspace 401 Olympia Ave NE Renton, WA 98056 Office above Vince's Coffee shop!   We can also be available on video chat using Facebook, G+Hangout or Skype. Please be advised that this is not counseling.

Renton/Sea/video-chat/phone-call: 1 hour/60mins$75-1151-2 persons, fee depends on 'your perceived ability to pay
'nuclear' grouphour$85-1253-6 people. dependent on your perceived ability to pay
group:1.5hrs$90-1303-6 people discussion with Consultant beforehand
outcall1 hour$75-115+ travel adjustment as agreed between client and consultantdiscussion necessary. Extra fees if over 6 people

The phrase 'dependent on the client's perceived ability to pay' signifies how important arriving at a fair and 'doable' fee is to both us and you.  That is why we operate a 'sliding scale'. The question of money should not inhibit you from participation in the work.  If there is a temporary problem, please, do not hesitate to discuss it with us. Nearly always there is a way around if we have an established relationship.
Understand that we refer some issues to professionals where we feel they are beyond the scope of our talking. Our relationship will only end if that professional advises you that it would be advantageous to you.
However nothing is 'off limits'. You can talk about anything that you feel is important and needs some fresh air!  We will offer perspective and acceptance with total privacy. Where we feel that you might need a professional that too will be the subject of discussion beforehand.

We work according to the client's availability however we do not work Saturday or Sunday evenings, Christmas Day, New Year's Day and Thanksgiving. 

STATEMENTS as requested.  We do not bill insurance and we are in no way associated with health, mental health, counseling or alternative medicine. No information is released unless requested by client who would sign a formal Release of Information.  All meeting materials and recordings are the property of the client.  This consultancy, seernnadivad, does not keep addresses of clients.  We require a working telephone number (of your choice), your name and email (if possible)

In the interests of full disclosure we answer all questions as they arise for you.  We do not turn the question back to you and no question is considered inappropriate. If asked something that may be awkward we explain why we find the question difficult.  There is no such thing as a hidden agenda kept by us. We may reserve the right of how and when we disclose but you, as client, will always be fully informed.  All materials are the property of the client and will be returned if retained for any period of time or reason. We do not gossip or talk about the work - that includes between each other.  Clients, of course, are free to use their own judgement and discretion. Your privacy is sacred to us.